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Surprisingly, deprivation of toilet use was not a very common torture method used in history, but has been surfacing more recently.

An example of this can be found in this article.

Urination and deification is a basic need for all creatures, and for humans the use of a toilet is a privilege that places them above the common animal. 

Asking permission to use the restroom is something that has been embedded in to us since we were children in our school days, and to be forced in to a situation where permission is needed to do something so dire and basic to our needs can cause a tremendous amount of stress and humiliation when denied that privilege.

Some might argue that a teacher denying a child access to the bathroom is cruel, especially when the child winds up dirtying themselves in the classroom and thus bringing public humiliation to themselves. A memory like that will likely stay until adulthood, being a constant reminder of shame and vulnerability.

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